Wednesday, April 22, 2009


The Indonesian people had done general election to choose their Indonesian Legislative Assembly at 9th of March. We knew that many human fellows the Legislative Assembly, they want to growth of citizen safety. And they given out their money to whom are they wanted. By good oration, some candidates had promised to struggle of human right, safety, free education etc. but, after general election, some candidates that did not elect had a psychological blow, even, some of them become to a mad man. This is worst phenomenon in Indonesia general election, what had become of Indonesian Legislative Assembly candidates?
New candidates only want to power, they never think of safety, development, education and another. Why? Because what they done were showed some broken action, like political money was did by some candidates. Actually, not all candidates prepare to become Indonesian Legislative Assembly. They seem want to become a new hero in Indonesia crisis. When some candidates become mad mans after general election, they were showed if they become Indonesian Legislative Assembly never struggle of safety and development, or they will do corruption like the members of Indonesian Legislative Assembly before.
The mad mans in Indonesia general election were given us some learning that our nation democracy view is false. Why? Because our nation has good ideology it is Pancasila, not democracy. What are different between Pancasila and democracy as a nation ideology? Manys different from both those two ideologies. I will explain one point that differentiate between Pancasila and democracy, it is the first point of Pancasila is believe for one God, this matter as a morality law in the life nation, while democracy was based on free and free without limitation. So, Pancasila is not democracy, and democracy is not Pancasila, there are different from both, and we must believe it.

If the candidates had Pancasila view in their life, so there were not mad man after general election. That matter was embarrassed to our life nation. According to me, there two reasons were caused some candidates to become mad mans, are First bad example from government. Many government functionaries had done corruption, between some functionaries and other functionaries done dispute was published by mass media until all people knew their action like child, and another bad action from functionaries. If they show good example to people, I think never will mad mans in general election.
Second, some candidates have not a politic morality. Their actions were showed that they are bad candidates who should not be elected. Their quality was low. Does this reality will be continued in the next President election? From both reasons, the government is first caused from that phenomenon. Why? Because the government as an example and manager for life people and nation. The goodness of a government will vary with its adaption to the fundamental natures of persons and with the circumstances of their life.
When candidates had changed their life after general election, actually there was something wrong in their soul and mind. Those mad mans can not manage their selves, they ought to have a view politic morality as a basic their politic thinking. What is the politic morality politic? One answer to it is religion, because in the religion teaching has explaining that our life not only in the world, but to after here also. And what we do in this world will be asked for responsibility in the next life. They never give their soul zeal spiritual as a basic morality politic to make a good soul and mind.
Immanuel Kant was explained that morality is important thing for human life, he was told that morality not only a behavior, but it an obligation also in the human life. Besides that, morality as a rule for some action when we want to life with another. When morality lost from human soul, he will gets psychology blow. And this reality has happened in our soul candidates. So, we are not startled when we hear there are mad mans after general election. By this reality, there is last question do all candidates of Indonesia President have morality politic in their life? And we hope no mad man after next President election.
Written by: Luqman Fauzi*